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Think about the Renaissance and the explosion of Christian art that inspires us even 500 years later. Why doesn’t contemporary religious work move us in the same way?

Attempting to fill that void has been the genesis of this ongoing series. These very large paintings were created to stimulate discussion about the Bible, combining contemporary images with familiar Bible stories to help people develop a closer relationship with God.

Jesus anointed at Bethany by a sinful woman

When I first became a Christian I related to this story so much. This woman loved Jesus and was grateful, not caring what people thought. She cried at his feet, washing them with her tears. She poured expensive perfume on His head, completely uninhibited – because all she cared about was saying ‘thank you’. She loved so much, what will you do?

Joseph of Arimathea taking Jesus off the cross

What do you do after this horrific thing has happened? I observed my brother who is a funeral director swing into action to help me with my wife’s funeral. He is a tremendously comforting and professional man. We have to do the things that are necessary in times of great trouble. I read this brief passage in Luke 23: 50-54, thinking about my brother and Joseph. Somebody had to do this unpleasant step. Here was the hope of the world, dead. I thought -‘What if my son was Jesus? How sad I would be.’ Even so, my other sons and I would have to take this next step, however small but important it might be. Who was going to take Jesus off the cross if not those who loved him?

Luke 23: 50-54

Fear Not

When Mary was first approached by the angel Gabriel he said, “Greetings, you are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” I doubt that her first thoughts were “This is really great. I feel so special.” I think at first she was terrified, which is why Gabriel said, “Do not be afraid.” In that moment, she had the choice of running out of there, resisting anything this creature was saying or listening cautiously. She chose to be incredibly brave. She stood her ground to hear what Gabriel was saying. When he had finished laying out the plan, she said, “I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said”. What strength and guts she had!

Luke 1:26-38

“Mary” Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene

When Mary Magdalene went to Jesus’ tomb and found it empty, it was too much for her to bear. I’m sure after seeing him crucified and now his body gone, she was overwhelmed with grief. Even when she saw Jesus standing there and He asked her, “Why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?” she did not recognize him. It was only at that moment, when He said, “Mary” that everything magnificently changed. It went from the lowest of pits to the highest joy imaginable. So it is with us. When we finally recognize Jesus, our entire life changes.

John 20:10-18