John Weygandt

Working with John at Willow Creek Church was a blessing. Occasionally in life you run into someone who is truly a genius. When John designs something, it is thoroughly thought out. It is functional, it is beautifully designed, it meets the design criteria, and is safe, meaning it is not going to collapse and injure or kill someone. I, on the other hand, have constructed prototypes that John has almost blown over with his breath.

John, on big projects, has been the lead designer. I usually am just the protégé. I would not have had the experience of complete freedom to explore a design direction without John. He always gave me the room to make discoveries that may or may not be used. The important thing is that I was given the opportunity to go down a path and see what could be. John could show me a picture or painting for which we both understood the influence, and from this could direct an entire set. John and I have an affinity for the visual and we both have traveled together into a world of imagination which has ended up in reality on stage. My heart never has pounded harder than when we were on such adventures. We have felt the excitement of being created for a purpose beyond ourselves, for God’s use. God has wired me up to be creative and John understands this about me and has encouraged me to follow those leadings. It’s has been an incredible experience.

Working at Willow is a community event. You can’t help but make friends. When you go through life, plenty of difficult things happen. Many times friends can do nothing to prevent the pain you’re going through. But what helps is someone who is there to ask about and share the burden; pray and be there in the midst of your difficulty. John is my friend just like Christ is. In his encouragement and his concern outside the walls of Willow, I have seen Jesus in him.