Joe Burlini

When you meet Joe, it takes a long while before you find out that he’s a monumental sculptor and artist of all mediums. Although he has done sculpture all around the world, he’s not one to boast. What he does do is open his life like a book. Anything you want to know, he’ll share with you. Lot’s of artists hold their cards close to their chests. Not Joe, he gives of himself, his resources and the knowledge of how to get the projects done. He has had a lifetime of doing art and he’s happy to share anything he knows, and encourage people to try things.

I saw Marg Rehnberg doing an 8’x20’ mural. I asked her, “How did you get that?” She said, “Joe told me to take on any challenge I hear of, so I took this commission having never done one.” Joe’s real lesson, he told me later, is learning from one experience and gaining confidence for the next. Marg will say now, “I know how to do murals.”

I needed help with some bronze pieces for my wife’s head stone monument. Joe told me how to do it and who to call to get it cast. I was clueless; now I have some knowledge. Joe’s passing it on.

Joe has humbled himself and worked on projects on stage at Willow Creek Community Church. He’s very good with his hands and is knowledgeable about many materials. Working with Joe is a constant learning experience.

The other day Joe told me that he had to run to get his head shaved. I said, “What?”

“Yeah my grandson Mathew’s hair is gone from chemo, so I want him to know that I think he’s cool by looking like him”. Joe’s spending his time relieving his daughter and watching his grand daughter and playing with Mathew as much as he can. Mathew was in a tough spot because his immune system was gone, and he needed to be at the hospital daily, so Joe is pouring his life into their family 7 to 8 days at a time.

I believe Joe knows something about Jesus that’s about giving and being a servant to those around him which makes him very Christ like.