Glenn Davis

I have had the great privilege to work with the most unique person. Imagine that anything you design, this guy could build. Anything that was broken, this guy could fix. If it was mechanical, Glenn could figure it out.

A lot of what we do has never been done before. One such case was a set that looked like the inside of a cathedral. I had cut out a large gothic rosette. It was very fragile and in the process of hanging it on stage it broke into many pieces. Glenn said to me, “You must have sin in your life, you need to repent.” This was just a joke but also a friendly reminder of the spiritual realm that we live and work in, of which Glenn is always keenly aware. What we usually do at this point is head to the peanut jar, which is kept in a back room behind stage and is mysteriously filled every day by we don’t know who. (Seriously everyday that’s probably 50-75 lbs. of peanuts over 3-4 years). So when disaster strikes Glenn and I take a break and have mystery peanuts and coffee. This gives us time to pray and listen to God to come up with a solution.

The thing about Glenn that is unusual is his spiritual sensibility, his discernment. He’ll sense something about you and simply ask, “You want to tell me what’s going on?” He’ll just gently keep prodding until you give it up. He knows my struggles, where I need healing, and we have prayed daily. Over the years this has been a good thing as I feel as close to Glenn as a brother. Isn’t that exactly what Jesus does?