George Rose

George is about 90 years old. Cindy is George’s daughter and she loves him very much. With her husband Denny, they have provided George with a town home and help out with things. Cindy makes a list of ”To Do” things for her dad and gives them to Denny. I offered to help with the list.  Denny and I went to George’s town home to do a few odds and ends. We cleaned the gutters, fixed a broken toilet seat,  put a light fixture on a ceiling fan, fix a rattling outdoor faucet and extended a down spout. I was cleaning the gutters while Denny was digging some holes for some hostas in a small back yard area. He discovered an area that gets a lot of sun and decided to offer to plant some tomato plants there. After making the offer, George explained that he doesn’t want the bother. He says, “Let me show you how I get my tomatoes.” George goes to the pantry and pulls out a can of tomatoes. “You see Denny, I get all my antioxidants and pectin right here in this can and I don’t have to do anything. Also, it only costs me 69 cents.” I laughed as I watched Denny’s face turn red as his good intentions were brushed away by George. 

The thing is, none of the small things we did were hard or inconvenient for us to do. Jesus says, “When you do it to the least of these you do it to me.”